Gardening is planting and caring for plants, flowers, lawn, trees, vegetables, and so on. In an open or closed at any place for cosmetic purposes, decorative, recreational and even as food gardening space.

These known spaces such as gardens can be found anywhere in the world and are characterized by diversity of colors and plants in homes, parks and cities; however, today we can see an interesting mix in the gardens which makes them more attractive and intertwine with any environment, whether rural or urban. This type of gardening is known as modern gardening.

What are the secrets of modern gardening?

Modern landscaping includes all elements of gardening, the difference is that this blend urban and architectural elements with the elements of nature contrasting between them and giving a distinct and pleasant atmosphere.

In modern gardening can be seen as the garden soil is a mixture of grassed areas and areas with concrete or ceramic, such as walking trails and dedicated to the hobby of people spaces.

You can observe plants and flowers contained by concrete or ceramic pots making contrasts with the floor and showing the same shade of color. You can also see hanging on walls on smaller potted plants. Usually included cement sculptures, metal or any architectural material from plants and trees.

Lighting is represented by lamps that make fusion between nature and architecture. If the garden has sitting area, you can see modern furniture with metal and glass tables with elegant awnings, providing both material and tonal minimalism garden. You can see fish ponds that may have small waterfalls coming out of walls, always a simplistic but elaborate architectural design.

Modern gardening mix current and urban elements with nature and art of gardening to create a space of harmony and enjoyment for people, ideal for spending time and clear the mind.