If you want to eat fresh food without additives to make your diet much healthier, building an organic garden is a good system to ensure that the harvest of vegetables is completely healthy. Now, practicing organic cultivation at home guarantees you obtain products with higher nutritional quality and good taste, quickly and easily.

Find a suitable space in your garden to create the organic garden. Before cultivating, remember that you must check that the soil does not contain any dangerous material that could harm your harvest, such as pesticides, pests or any other type of substances harmful to food.

Check the pH levels to measure the acidity of the soil and confirm that the soil is free of chemicals. For this, you can use distilled water and special papers that you will find in any drugstore.

Incorporating manure into the soil will condition the land, you can use horse, pig, beef or sheep manures, all of them are excellent to fertilize your garden. In addition, it is important that the soil is oxygenated so that it is much more fruitful, so use a shovel or a rake to make the mixture.

He thinks that it is not the same to plant tomatoes as watermelons, so he groups and distributes the food in the organic garden according to his style.