The gardens are spaces that require constant care to remain in perfect condition and continue with its beauty at all times. This is why it is necessary to have some basic tools for the ideal garden care, these tools will depend on the size of the garden and the time devoted to the care; however, some are essential and need to have them in every garden.

Some tools necessary for the maintenance of the garden

  • Hoe: is used to stir and aerate the soil when planting seeds.
  • Planter Pala: is prepared specifically to dig into the ground and make holes, to move dirt from one location to another, and so on.
  • Raking: serves to equalize the level of the land and also to gather further fallen leaves of shrubs and trees and grass newly pruned.
  • Secateurs: are of different sizes for plants and are necessary when pruning leaves and bushes.
  • Spray: it serves for small gardens watered and mainly for the fumigation of plants can be found in different types and sizes.
  • Hose: through the hose is easier to water the plants and is the most common way to do this work.
  • Sprinklers: these are connected to the hoses and distribute water throughout the field without wasting water or wells.
  • Gloves: also designed of different materials are ideal for caring hands when handling utensils and take care of the gardens.
  • Metal Broom: this serves to collect leaves and grass like rake.

You can also have power tools that facilitate the care of the garden; some like the mower, which will ease the pruning level and will do so. Chainsaw to cut thick branches and prune shrubs and trees, embroiderers; all contribute to mowing in areas where the mower does not arrive.