A beautiful lawn complements the rest of the garden and is essential for it to look fantastic. Spring is the best time to dedicate some time and effort to shaping our lawn.


Below we will propose a simple lawn care program that will offer us the best results in the health and appearance of our lawn.
The secrets to the success of a perfect looking lawn are:

  • Regular and correct mowing.
  • Feed in spring and summer with specific lawn fertilizers.
  • Treatment of weeds and moss.
  • Airy.
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  • Irrigation.



The most important job to get a perfect looking lawn is to make a correct and regular cut of it. It is necessary to mow the grass regularly, even weekly, as the grass grows very fast during spring and summer. The goal is to keep the lawn at the same height. For most lawns the height should be approximately 2.5 to 4 cm. high. For lawns that have a lot of wear, the height rises to more than 5 cm., And for very shaded areas, we must cut to a height of about 7.5 cm. Mowing too short is inadvisable, as it is the fastest way for weeds and moss to settle, which will eventually weaken and damage our lawn.

The next on the list of priorities in caring for our lawn is to feed our lawn using specific fertilizers.

A good diet with a lawn fertilizer not only makes the grass look greener, but also makes it grow thicker and increase its strength, vigor and health, making it more robust and better equipped to compete with weeds, moss. and climate-related tensions.

To feed the lawn in the spring, we must apply the fertilizer immediately after mowing. When using a granular lawn manure, it is important to apply evenly over the entire lawn following the dose recommended by the manufacturer. The easiest way to do this is to use a lawn mower, especially on large lawns. If we repeat the treatment after 6 weeks, we will continue to enjoy a strong and healthy lawn throughout the summer.

Treatment of weeds and moss

Lawn weeds are a big headache that can complicate our goal of enjoying a healthy and spectacular looking lawn. A strong, healthy and well-fed lawn will be able to deal with weeds and moss much better than one that is not cared for and fed properly. However, where the problem of weeds and moss appears, it is important to start a specific treatment quickly, preventing the problem from getting worse. There are very complete products on the market for the treatment of weeds such as liquid herbicides and specific antifungal products. When choosing a treatment, but we have a lot of experience, it is advisable to ask for guidance at our trusted gardening center. A good professional will guide us to choose the most suitable product as well as the dosage and number of applications to be made.



High traffic on the lawn can cause it to compact. This can cause rain and nutrients – as well as air – to reach the root. Aeration can alleviate that problem. The aerator removes obstructions from the ground and makes holes in it. This can be done with a push aerator, a barbed roller in a cylinder fitted to a long handle. Aerated dowels that fit the bottom of the shoe or aerators that are similar to a straight hairpin do not do the job completely. While making holes in the ground, they do not remove obstructions. The aeration is carried out at the same time as the removal of weeds; if we have the zoysia type lawn, we will need to wait until the summer to aerate it.

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Each year, up to a quarter of the lawn can die, especially after a cold, wet winter. Sowing, that is, planting new grass seeds in the existing lawn, can rejuvenate the appearance of your lawn and bring it back to life.
Lawn seeds are sown in early spring, after weeding and aeration. One way to ensure a beautiful and healthy lawn is by selecting the seeds that grow best in our region. A continental climate requires a variety of frost-resistant grass and a dry climate, while a grass near the sea will need a variety resistant to saltpeter. We must also take into account the traffic to which our lawn or certain areas will be subjected.