The centennial olive is Greek origin and of archaic provenance, appreciated for their feature logos and popular for their unique beauty, even considered a symbol of peace and love in some parts of the world.

Those are commonly found in Mediterranean soil where the climate is warmer naturally, being these slow and ideal for decorating gardens of all space or home. Since they are easy care, special maintenance and very resistant to drought, winds and freezing temperatures; they are able to provide a different, unique and powerful landscaping at home, label of the qualities Macrobonsai expects for its costumers behind their products.

They can be purchased as young plants and mature trees as there are companies engaged in the sale, care and transport of these wonderful trees, as Macrobonsai; and usually found in different sizes to be easily recognized by their shape wide trunk at the base that tapers as it grows.

What are its characteristics and qualities?

  • The Centennial olive kept an average height of 3 to 5 meters
  • Its trunk is short, thick and twisted
  • It has very fine roots compared to its trunk
  • They are almost immortal trees
  • They prefer heat to cold and should wear sun and stay outdoors
  • consume low water
  • Recognized for its fruit, the olive; which olive oil is removed
  • It’s especially grown in mild climate regions
  • Can be moved from one place to another regardless of age

The centennial olive tree has qualities that facilitate their care, reaching an immeasurable for garden decoration for home that wants a gifted relaxation, shade and harmony natural nucleus prominence.