The Millennial olive trees are a kind of tree trunk on size and width. With an ancient history of over 6,000 years, these wonderful trees are of Mediterranean origin and are greatly in Spain and around the Iberian Peninsula. They can live for hundreds of years; one of the oldest studied in Spain recorded an age of 1,700 years.

Characteristics of the Millennial olive trees

Those are Trees of small roots that allow people to move them from one place to another without damaging them and regardless of age. They have broad trunks and twisted that as they grow vertically become thinner, also have a type of sheet called perennial which is characterized by the blade that keep the tree dressed throughout the year; while some leaves fall, others grow and flourish keeping the tree alive during all seasons of the year.

The Millennial olive trees are durable and undemanding as they do not require much water for their care. For its own evolutionary process and its territorial establishment, support very well high temperatures and drought making them resistant to almost any environmental adversity, being ideal for planting in gardens as their roots grow down and also bring unique benefits.

It’s a tree that prefers the high temperatures than the cold; however, it’s also very resistant to low winter temperatures and they live perennially over the centuries.

A tree that survives all scenarios and keeps its splendor and beauty only way is the ideal tree for planting in a garden, which will provide shade during the day and give a pleasant smell because its fruit is the olive which olive oil extracts. Besides occupying proportion to its splendor and prominence space, the Macrobonsai’s Millennial olive trees will not only be a center of attention but, enriched in the same way the properties of the garden.