Macrobonsai centennial olive is a shrub that requires special care and different compared to other variety of shrubs and plants, although it’s easy to care and survives by itself to any climate change through the years; few care such as watering and proper pruning help growth and strength.

That is why we must take into account the type of appropriate plants to create a new and attractive garden, blending the splendor of centenary olive with appropriate plants and flowers.

But how do you know which plant is appropriate?

First we must know that the Macrobonsai centenary olive is a shrub that prefers shade the sun and heat than cold. Its plants are perennial type, resist climate change and maintain the tree wrapped in winter. Watering should be at the base of a tree sees the day during the cooler hours, being recommended the early hours of the morning or the night itself.

Knowing this is easy to choose the perfect plants to accompany the centenary olive. It’s preferable to plant plants that live in the autumn, spring and bloom during the summer since these plants are ideal for summer and will wear shine, color and beauty in the garden during these hot days. Some plants that can accompany the centennial olive in the garden are:

Geranios: they are plants that bloom frequently and like to wear sun; the most important thing is to pay attention to their watering and pruning the dead flowers to keep thriving.

Petunias: are plants that bloom for long periods can be these from spring to early autumn, ideal for summer and love the sun.

Adelfa: this plant is ideal because it holds great sunstroke and needs little water and can be watered every 2 or 3 days, could even take any more days without water.

Roses: These are a favorite of many and need sun to flower, withstand drought and heat and should be watered more care when they are young.