Do you want to create your garden and live in a Mediterranean climate? A good decision prior to organizing your nature space is to consider what type of plants are suitable for Mediterranean temperatures. There are many plants that have been introduced and adapted to this climate despite not being native, which will serve to decorate and fill your garden with beauty.

There are many types of plants and trees to create a Mediterranean garden. We are going to propose the most appropriate species for this kind of special climate. Plants that correspond to this climate are usually resistant to high temperatures, withstand water scarcity and need long periods of sun exposure. Arid soils are ideal for growth. Although in general they do not require very special soil conditions.

To create your garden in Mediterranean areas a great way to distribute the plants is to place grass and leave a centered hole to put a group of agaves. They are beautiful plants with spiny and fleshy leaves that are arranged in rosette. For them to endure well, the soil must be well drained and there is plenty of sun. On the walls of the house, or even in very central areas, you can put yucas. They are pointed plants of high decorative value. When they bloom they leave beautiful ivory white flowers that give a very elegant air to the garden.

Tree species such as cypresses, palms and pine trees are also suitable for a Mediterranean climate. Among the palm trees it is very interesting and beautiful the phoenix palm with long green leaves and its fruits are the orange dates. Another alternative for your Mediterranean garden is the cactus because they need long periods of sun and grow in very arid soils. There is a wide selection of cacti with many decorative possibilities in your garden. Lemon trees are also a perfect species for this type of weather. They are small, with beautiful foliage, with flowers of great smell and with lemons as colorful and striking fruit.

Another typical Mediterranean tree is the olive tree, a very decorative species with a very special fruit. It has a leafy foliage and a winding trunk. It does not require much watering and adapts very well to heat. In addition to trees you can also decorate your garden with flowers of intense color and aroma. A good choice is a leaf shrub called pipe cleaner (Callistemun citrinus) that also have flowers with long stamens of mauve colors, which look like a duster.