Acebuche-Olivo silvestre-Olea Europaea Sylvestris

The Acebuche or Wild Olive is an evergreen tree. It grows spontaneously in its region of origin, the Mediterranean area. It is a very resistant tree that can live many years.
Its crown is wide and branches of erect growth, if it grows freely the branches become very long. In the wild it usually grows with myrtle, mastic or palm hearts, black hawthorn. Its leaves are smaller than the commercial olive tree, they are elongated, finished in a point, they are thick grayish green and they are lighter. Smooth surface, grow opposite on the branches, have a petiole or very short stem by which they attach to the branches.

We can grow it as an ornamental tree, it is a very resistant and low maintenance tree, very decorative and useful because it creates shadows in the garden, very necessary during the summer with high temperatures, besides providing food and shelter for the birds.

It needs a sunny situation, where it will grow and develop properly. It needs space to grow, since over time it becomes a large tree.

Regularly watering the newly transplanted trees, when they grow and develop they will need less watering. Unlike other trees, these are best planted slightly elevated on a mound, to facilitate drainage. When he is an adult and is well established on the ground, he hardly needs watering. Resist periods of drought.

They are very decorative trees, suitable for sustainable gardens with little maintenance. Although they do not need pruning, it is advisable to practice training and control pruning.

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