The days begin to lengthen, the mercury begins to give us degrees and the arrival of summer is an almost imminent fact. Although it is true that nature is resurrected with the arrival of this season, we cannot lose sight of one of its main characteristics: climatic instability. One more than important if we have fruit trees in our garden or terrace.

And it is they, the fruit trees, who most suffer from this transition season towards summer. More than enough reason to pay special attention to these trees that dazzle in spring with their blooms if we want to enjoy their great treasure: their fruit.

So if we have fruit trees in our green space, nothing like paying attention to some simple tips to enjoy their beauty but also their flavor.

Precisely because of its characteristics, the beginning of spring brings with it an acclimatological swing. In the same day we can go hot, cold, suffer a torrential rain or even a hailstorm. For these reasons, it is important to ensure those flowers that are beginning to appear now in the fruit trees and that are the guarantee of the fruit that we can savor in summer.

Logically we cannot control the weather, but we can avoid as much as possible that the weather (including possible frosts that may still appear in these early spring) ruin the flowering of our fruit trees. To do this, it is best to cover our fruit tree with a hibernation mesh in order to preserve as much as possible the flowers that will bring their fruits.

Cuidados de los árboles frutales en primavera

And it is not only the flowers that need our protection, but also the entire fruit tree itself. Spring is the time for nature to awaken, but also for the different pests that can attack our tree. Precisely for this reason, it is important to begin to observe (more towards the middle of spring) if any of them are attacking our tree and stop both their incursion and their proliferation with specific phytosanitary products.

With the passing of the season and before the summer, our maintenance of a fruit tree will be different but just as important to maintain the health of our tree.

On the one hand, it is important to mulch the soil of fruit trees. With this gesture, we will not only be able to protect the roots from pests but also facilitate the absorption of nutrients from the roots at the most delicate time of the year: that of creating your fruits. For this, it is important to know what these roots are and to differentiate them from those that support the fruit tree. To be able to find them clearly, nothing like looking at about 40-50 centimeters from the base of our tree to those apparently superficial roots and covering them with the necessary padding according to each variety of fruit tree.

Cuidados de árboles frutales en primavera

At this time we cannot neglect pruning either: it will be essential to preserve the fruits. And it is more than common in these trees that the fruit branches present spurs. Some that will weaken the strength of the branches but also steal energy to produce the fruits. Hence, it is important to keep them at bay, with a pruning that does not damage the branches or create wounds that could compromise their health.

Simple tips with a single purpose: that, with the arrival of summer, our fruit tree gives us that special authentic flavor. The one in our own garden.